Friday, 4 January 2013


I’m ganapathiappan (Ganesh MST). young entrepreneur, I love online marketing, particularly the challenge of marketing effectively with beautiful, on-brand websites that function as expected and deliver good business results.

Roles and Responsibilities:
An in depth expertise in managing giant team, Google Webmaster/Analytics/Adwords
Adept with the method of making complete Brand Awareness, Search Engine Optimization and Social     Media Marketing
Planning methods for on-line promoting and Search Engine Optimizationt in a very cost-effective and productive manner
Supervising the team concerned in SEO connected methods like keyword building, on-page web site activities, traffic analysis etc.
Managing PPC and different types of  paid-marketing
Managing Social-media promoting through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and numerous different media
Formulating and corporal punishment on-line disapproval for products or services
Serving as web promoting Manager
Responsible for analyzing promoting prices for businesses victimisation web promoting/Online Marketing techniques
Set the direction, strategy, standards and tips for SEO
Develop and expand keyword inventory to supply direction and insights into content development
Develop methods to broaden keyword relevancy and search term matches
Optimize and update onsite elements that square measure relevant to SEO success
Communicate specific SEO necessities to business/product stakeholders
Research rising technologies for opportunities to expand microorganism 'buzz' (video, image improvement, press releases)
Track and analyze web site performance, user behavior and conversion. Use net analytics knowledge to more refine comes
Analyze competitors’ websites. Perform competitive analysis and monitor competitive landscape
Analyze business trends and standards for SEO

Specialties :
Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Management, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing, Google Adwords, SEO, SMO, Web Marketing, Banner Advertising, Project Management, SEO Consultant, SEO Expert, Social Media Expert, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Video Marketing, Website Analysis